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Maplesville City Park

Maplesville City Park offers forty acres of mixed hardwood & pine, with two athletic fields.  A paved,  1/3 mile walking trail and several additional unpaved pathways provide opportunities to bird the woodlands, including several creeks that intersect the park. The walking trails give easy access to the open habitat along the trail, which is home to Blue Jays, Northern Cardinals, […]

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Confederate Memorial Park

Confederate Memorial Park is a little-known jewel. The upper portion of the park features open understory and mature canopy trees — outstanding for flycatchers, woodpeckers, bluebirds, warblers, and vireos. The cemetery area affords open views of sky for soaring birds. Walk the nature trail; it is bird-rich. The area near the cistern is an outstanding location for Swainson’s Warblers and Acadian Flycatchers.

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